Tire Categories

Match Tire To Your Vehicle & Purpose

Choose The Right Tire For You

All Season

  • Perfect balance between comfort and performance
  • Excellent traction in any weather conditions
  • Improved fuel efficiency and reduced road noise


  • Improved tread life and fuel efficiency
  • Extreme grip in sun, snow, and rain
  • Enhanced performance in dry conditions


  • Optimized tread pattern design enhances handling and control
  • Unique grooves improve grip and road holding
  • Improved composite ensures maximum structural integrity 


  • Cut-and-chip resistant tread compounds 
  • Engineered to minimize stone retention and maximize wet traction
  • Superior retreadability due to all-steel construction 


  • Ensure excellent control and grip on both ice and snow 
  • Improved handling and braking stability
  • Made of flexible resin to keep the treads free of snow

Off Road

  • Tougher rubber, bruise resistant sidewall
  • Thicker and extended shoulder
  • Serrated Shoulder Lugs 

Run Flat

  • Reduced rolling noise
  • Compact Central Blocks
  • Reduced tire distortion during fast cornering.



  • Multi-service tread compound for local and long haul service
  • Offset center tread blocks 
  • Tapered tread grooves reduce stone retention for long casing life 

Fuel Efficient

  • Comfort and performance
  • Excellent traction 
  • Fuel efficiency & reduced road noise. 


  • Enhanced Towing Technology
  • Resilient, Flexible Design
  • Reduced Air

Tire Decision

There are two key areas where one type is distinguishable from another – the rubber compound and the tread pattern.

These, in turn, are determined by the environment and conditions where the tire is in use.

As long as the right tire technology is applied, you can rest assured that the wheels of your car or truck will have superior handling and traction.

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